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For Sale Palm Oil Plantation with Area of 50,000 Hectares in Riau, Sumatra

07 Juni 20201.524 Readers

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This listing is no longer active, for updated information please contact our marketing team
Plantation located in Riau Province with a total area of ± 50,000 Hectares for principle permit. Forest Clearance Decree ± 50,000 Hectares for permit location ± 35,000 Hectares and HGU ± 14,000 Hectares.

Embedded ± 6,200 Ha, Year of planting until 2016 the rest of the land has already been in land clearing ready to plant. currently harvesting and selling TBS, but there is no factory yet. The location is near great-river as a pier and factory / MCC plan, so CPO could be transported directly by sea to Singapore and/or Malaysia. Access to this plantation can be reached from Pekanbaru, capital of Riau Povince,is about 12 hours inland road, or 2-3 hours by great-river.

  • Location in Riau, Sumatra
  • Total Hectares ± 50,000 Hectares
  • ISPO / RSPO Certification : No
  • Licences : Yes
  • Land Holding Type : HGU
  • Accesible by Road
  • Distance to Nearest City ± 186 Km.
  • Mills Facilities : No
  • Inspected by Agency : No
  • Ready to Tour : Yes
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