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For Sale Teakwood Plantation with Area of 5 Ha in Garut Regency, West Java

07 Juni 20201.563 Readers

Pictures shown here are as per actual condition
Price Upon Request
Teak plantation, located in Kecamatan Peundeuy, Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat, 67km south of Kota Garut, on privately owned land at 550-650 MASL (metric above sea level).

Young plants were cultivated by tissue isolation method (kultur jaringan) in Bogor laboratory from variant known as “super hybrid” or JBS and planted in 2015 and 2016. Number of plants: +/- 8.700 of diameter ranges 15cm – 22cm (as of December 2019)

  • Location in West Java
  • Total Hectares ± 5 Ha
  • ISPO / RSPO Certification : No
  • Licences : Yes
  • Land Holding Type : Freehold Title
  • Accesible by Road
  • Distance to Nearest City 67
  • Mills Facilities : No
  • Inspected by Agency : Yes
  • Ready to Tour : Yes
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